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Test your 4-letter word vocabulary, build word chains, exercise your brain as you compete with players from around the globe in this unique word battle game. This head-to-head PVP word game is guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun.

Four word – word battle game is unlike anything you have seen before. It is certainly nothing like the usual word games, crosswords, puzzle games, word connect, word search.

Word Game Features:
★ Simple, easy, and fun word game.
★ Beautiful graphics deliver a wonderful game experience.
★ Helps improve 4 letter word spellings and vocabulary.
★ Easy and fun to play, but hard to master.
★ Hidden Words – discover new 4 letter words.

★ Get bonus rewards on completing in-game missions.
★ Invite and play with friends and family.

★ No limits, just enjoy this word game for as long as you want.
★ Witness the Best Battles.
For lovers of word games, each round in this game is like a new word puzzle, super fun to play, challenging your word guessing/ recalling skills with each round you try to win.

Every Word Battle in Four Word is exciting, real-time, and multiplayer.


My Responsibilities (Game Producer)

Development Information

  • Team size: Eleven (2 Level Designers, 3 Artists, 2 Programmers, 1 Producer, 3 QA)

  • Project Duration: Six months

  • Work Hours: 30 hours per developer per week

  • Engine: Unity

  • Platform: Android

  • Work with the Artists, Designers and Devs to set project priorities and scope within considerations of staff skills and availability.

  • Work with Senior Producer to set studio creative direction, resource alignment, and major KPI goals.

  • Oversee production cycle of specific projects, managing schedule, staffing, and delegation of responsibilities.

  • Served as Scrum Master, took complete responsibility of end to end cycle, roadmap planning etc.

  • Oversee Level Designing, Sounds and other marketing stuff Post Production Phase.

what differentiates OUR game from others in the same category? Is there anything interesting or unique about how or why you developed it?

So the first and foremost thing is that word games are enjoyable because they are simple. There are a variety of word games out there in the market.  You can find words within a massive jumble of letters, unscramble anagrams, or fill in crossword puzzles. You can find all of those experiences along with some rather unique ones on mobile. However, many of them are copies of one another or don't deliver a ton of actual content which players usually look for.

There are few things that make Fourword Game unique:


  • Game Mechanics: If it ain't making me stick to the gameplay or making me to play that game again and again then something's definitely wrong with the mechanic and the core loop. You don't have to be a brainiac in order to play this game. A person who is eloquent and used to bullet or blitz board games is definitely going to love this game. The mechanic is completely different in comparison to other competitors.

  • Putting in hint mechanic and making it a core element of gameplay  w.r.t monetization

  • Refined FTUE with super easy bot implementation and use of other elements like chat and emojis

  • The UI is super simple and the game is surprisingly engaging.

Why we developed it?

Game Mechanics as I mentioned earlier was the core reason and when we heard about the idea, I knew its something which is not in the market and at the same time who doesn't love fun and cognitive boost simultaneously.

Due to different game mechanic in comparison to other competitors in the market, initially it would be difficult to differentiate. But With the recent play test among close group, I can definitely say that players going to love the game and the more we introduce new features and new areas into the game, the grinding time will increase down the road.

And yes apart from designing and development, The art side is super phenomenal if you will talk about themes and other areas. Although few things we would refine later on and we will try to add more elements based on research and feedback. The Game is not only child-friendly; We are targeting all the groups above age 7+.

From my perception, here are the core benefits of playing the game:
1. Improves your vocab
2. Promotes happy moods : word games are something which is fun and entertaining, especially when you’re learning new words and winning. It increases your dopamine level and by that you would love to grind more and more.
3. Boosts your concentration and cognitive ability: The players who are used to bullet chess or blitz games with good in words are going to love this game.

What We Learned

  • It's important for the team to analyze horizon of players before distributing/publishing it to different region

  • Even if the project idea is completely unique, the modules should be concrete and docs should be approved by respective stakeholders on time.

  • The game designer and the producer must have a healthy working relationship for a project to succeed

  • Be weary of hype in the design phase of a game--but keep an open mind as well

  • Leaders on a large team need to take extra precautions to keep their developers informed

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